L y n n  C a r l s o n . u s
  Art Consultant
  Consultora en las materias del arte visual

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  • Northwest Herald November 9, 2012 Business
             A Thirty Year Focus: Fine Art Appraisal, Consulting by Icon Centre  

  • MC: McHenry County Magazine May 2011
             McHenry County Womenís Who's Who 

  • Swedish Covenant Hospital 2010 Art Exhibit
             Dreams of Healing  p. 33

  • Oakton Community College 2009 Art Exhibit
             Down to There:  Women and Their Relationship to Hair  p. 4

  • Ruth Felton Crystal Lake Times  1992
             Chance Meeting Introduces Exciting Art Space

  • Fran Stake  The Heart of Marengo  1991 Art and Artisans
             Printmaking  pp. 15, 42

  • Doris Davis Gallagher ArtBEAT:   A Northwest Area Arts Council Publication Fall 1990
    The Tradition Continues. . . ď 

  • Jerry Shea  Crystal Lake Times April 27, 1990
            Person to Person

  • Kathleen Yaekel Northwest Herald Newspaper March 15. 1990
            Womenís Work

  • Carol-Ann Harris ArtBEAT:  A Northwest Area Arts Council Winter 1989-90 
            One Person can Make a Difference  

  • Danielle Aceto  Northwest Herald Newspaper January 28, 1988
    Artistís Thoughts

  • Joanne Leis The Crystal Lake Mirror January 28, 1988
            Carlson Gives New Meaning to Term Local Artist  

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