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L y n n  C a r l s o n . u s
Art Consultant
   Consultora en las materias del arte visual





Post Office Box 61; Crystal Lake, Illinois 60039-0061
Phone:  815-459-9151
Fax:  815-455-6137



         Career Summary



Resourceful fine art generalist with a record of success in helping others make connections and choices.  
An artist/scientist with a solid background in the humanities who brings to new assignments a career built upon trusted judgments.



Areas of Expertise



  • Discerns art history and affects art appreciation
  • Relates well with individuals at all experience levels
  • Seeks educational opportunities and stays current
  • Professionally inventories, catalogs, appraises and advises on the worth of fine and decorative art
  • Is an experienced independent Curator
  • Actively participates in the visual arts of the Chicago area



Professional Achievements



  • Created and is responsible for all areas of a business devoted to visual art
  • One of three jurors for the national exhibition Real People in August 2010
  • One of the two judge team for Elgin’s Art and Soul on the Fox in August 2009
  • Served as Pioneer Center’s Emcee in December 2007
  • Served as Involvement Advocacy’s Outside My Window 2007 Curator
  • Served as Involvement Advocacy’s Many Faces One Community 2006 Curator
  • Invited to lecture on the Mexican ceramics Talavera Poblana in January 2005
  • Served as Art Coordinator for Downtown Algonquin’s ART WALK 2004, 2005
  • Served as Curator of the McHenry County Arts Showcase at the Dole Mansion in 2004
  • Invited to lecture on Painting and Printmaking in 2003
  • Invited to lecture on the Mandala in February of 2000
  • Artist in Residency for Illinois School District 47 in 2000
  • Led the Chicago Cultural Center’s El Alma del Pueblo GALLERY WALK, 1999
  • Received American Society of Appraisers, ASA, Chicago’s Greene-Kuehnle Scholarship Award, 1999
  • Filed The Herbert Pickering Lewis Collection of Talavera Poblana with the American Society of Appraisers, ASA, 1999
  • Honored with four Artistic Excellence Awards




Professional Experience



As Artist



  • Exhibiting yearly
  • Participated in Passages, Chicago 2013
  • Participated in Art Loop Open Chicago 2010
  • Participated in Dreams of Healing, Chicago 2010
  • Showed at Koehnline Museum of Art, DesPlaines, 2009




As Independent Consultant

  • Actively served as member of Artful Women, Crystal Lake
  • Algonquin Public Art Commission, Algonquin IL
  • Downtown Partners, Algonquin IL
    • ART WALK                                       
  • Actively served as board member of the Northwest Area Arts Council    
  • Café Luna, Crystal Lake IL
    • Curator for quarterly art exhibits  
  • School District 47 Artist in Residency
  • Art Institute of Chicago
    • Provided non-paid research services relating to the museum’s collection of decorative art of Spain and the Spanish Colonies   
  • ICON CENTRE Ltd., doing business as
    • Offering support to artists, collectors, dealers, and the community; and, until 1991, art supplies, related services and gallery space.              
    • Writing Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) appraisals 
  • Actively served as personal property section leader of Chicago Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers  
  • Old Court House Arts Center, Woodstock IL  
    • Catalogued the R H Palenske print collection

2005 – 2010
2004 – 2005

2004 – 2006
2000 – 2012

1995 - 2002

1982 -Present

1996 –Present


1988 - 1998



As Art Appraiser



  • ICON CENTRE Ltd., doing business as
    • Offering support to artists, collectors, dealers, and the community;
    • Writing Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) appraisals 
  • Actively served as personal property section leader of Chicago Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers
  • Dunnings Auction House, Elgin IL
    • Assistant to the Art Director
1996 –Present



As Instructor




  • Rockford College, Rockford IL
  • Columbia 2 Columbia College, Chicago IL
    • Developed the course:  The Art of Appraising
  • Columbia College of Missouri, Adjunct Faculty
    • Developed the art education course: Art for Children
  • McHenry County College, Crystal Lake IL
    • Taught art for both credit and community education departments
    • Assisted with Creative Problem Solving Committee responsible for Staff Development  
    • Served as workshop leader for Creative Problem Solving Committee
  • Millburn Community School District, Wadsworth IL
    • Implemented the art curriculum which included development of the Foyer Gallery
  • Seymour Community School District, Seymour IA
    • Developed a works on paper curriculum and art heritage study that was both effective and within budget
  • Mt. Pleasant Community School District, Mt. Pleasant IA
    • Developed an art curriculum that was art historically based


1998 - 2003

1985 - 1995


1977 - 1980

1969 - 1970

1968 - 1969



  • Lindenwood University, St. Charles MO
    • M.S. in Valuation Science
    • Area of Specialization:  Fine and Decorative Art
  • Northern Illinois University, De Kalb IL
    • M.A. in Studio Art
    • Area of Specialization:  Drawing
  • Iowa Wesleyan College Mt. Pleasant IA
    • B.A. in Studio Art
    • Area of Specialization:  Printmaking
    • Academic Minor:  Spanish
Other Academic Credentials
Completed an internship with the Alasko Company:  Art Appraisers of  Chicago 
Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice,  USPAP Update   2010 
As a continuous learner, received additional credit hours at: 
Appraisal Association of America 
American Society of Appraisers 
Carthage College 
Columbia College of Missouri 
Indiana University 
International Society of Appraisers
McHenry County College 
Northern Illinois University 
National College of Education 
University of Iowa        



Civic and Philanthropic Activities




Involvement Advocacy 
          McHenry County Curator  
Artful Women    
          Raue Center for the Arts  
Northwest Area Arts Council 
          Past Board Member 
          Contributor to journal Artbeat



























Lynn Carlson, M.A., M.S.



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